Other Surveys

Specific purpose surveys
Specific Purpose Surveys are performed when unusual conditions make it impracticable or impossible to perform one of the other types of surveys. The purpose of this type of survey is very specific in nature as specified by the client. The purpose will be stated on the survey sketch or report.

GPS surveys
Using state-of-the-art technological equipment, our team of specialists delivers highly accurate details about the client's property in the shortest time possible. GPS surveying is an evolving technology. As GPS hardware and processing software improve, new specifications develop for more accurate surveys. Our staff of experts always keeps up with the latest technology and requirements to offer improved results.

Final surveys
After a foundation survey is done and the construction project is finished, this survey will make note of all the visible improvements made in the building and on the land. It also shows all sidewalks and curbs in front of the property. Entrust your final surveys to our highly skilled team that has over four decades of experience.